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My First Ohno Satoshi dorama

The first Ohno dorama I watched was Maou, and so far this is my most re-watched Arashi members' drama. Ohno was mesmerizing to watch in this and I admit that it set a very high bar for any future dramas I've seen him in. When I watched Maou for the first time I watched it with a dear friend and fellow Arashian. We found a subbed version of Maou on YouTube so we set up an agreed viewing time and hit the play button at the same time (She in the Philippines and me in Australia)!

This was also my first introduction to Ikuta Toma, and I am very glad I saw him in this first. By the end of the series my friend and I were making in-jokes about his many running and screaming scenes but this was in no way to disrespect Ikuta as a person or as an actor. He is a very talented actor and I have purposely gone back through his filmography and watched many of his dramas and films. Anywayyyyy, back to Ohno...

I love Ohno's enigmatic acting style. He doesn't seem like he would take acting seriously but as soon as you put a camera to his face and give him a script he comes alive. I really loved watching his character transformations in Maou, but also episode four of Kaibutsu kun is forever imprinted in my memory. When he cried on-screen I was full-on sobbing right along with him, it was that believable. The second dorama I watched Ohno in was Shinigami Kun which I bought on DVD. This was my first introduction to the other side of his on-screen quirkiness (and my first introduction to other fabulous actors, Masaki Suda and Kiritani Mirei).

I have also seen the following Ohno doramas and movies - so far:

Kaibutsu-kun SP
His bit part in Yamada Taro Monogatori
The Locked Room Murders
The Locked Room Murders SP
Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi
Kyou no Hi wa Sayonara
Pika*nchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy
Pik**nchi Life is Hard Dakara Happy
Pik***nchii Life is Hard Tabun Happy
Kiiroi Namida (Yellow Tears)
Saigo no Yakusoku (The Last Promise)

In the very near future I would still very much like to see Ohno in Uta no Onii-san. Next year we will see Ohno in the much anticipated movie, Shinobi no Kuni. Most of my Arashian friends and followers are more alight talking about this movie, more so than Narratage and The Last Recipe combined. Perhaps because we will get to see Ohno as a full-fledged NINJA! *kyaaaaaaaaaa*

Thanks for reading this far! :)
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My sister is an Arashian from head to toe..and she watches every single drama of all arashi members..She asked me watch Maou,but i still haven't watched it..i have only watched Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi and pinkachi life(Ohno's drama i mean) and i really liked ohno's acting in both..Funny and cute at the same time.Now i really want to give Maou a try too..Since Ikuta Toma is in it too,i will definitely watch it..bc i've watched Toma's drama too and i love to see 2 great actors at a same time.Thank you for writing about it..i will also try to watch other dramas too^^
P.S: Arashi has such a long history..It's hard to watch all of their dramas and shows:(

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Thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate that a lot. Yes, Arashi definitely does have a long history and there's still so much I need to catch up on. It can quite overwhelming sometimes. Please try to watch Maou if you possibly can, it is a fabulous drama and Ohno is sooo enigmatic. I have watched it three times now, and I would still watch it again. Same with Locked Room Murders, I have watched that through twice so far! :)
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I'm watching all JUMP related stuffs for a year now and i still haven't watched all of it.It will take me 5 years to watch Arashi stuffs only XD
I'm watching Hanakimi now and my plan is to watch Maou next.My sis told me a little bit of it's story and it looks interesting^^
Locked Room murders?is it a mystery drama?

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"enigmatic acting style"

That sums him up perfectly. <3

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Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, it does sum him up perfectly, ne? I am so looking forward to seeing him as a ninja later this year! :)